A tribe of yinzers exploring Spiritual stuff together

Who knows what the 412 has to offer?

We are in the organization phase, announcements on upcoming events to be listed soon. 


You'd fit in here

We want to invite you to start exploring with us. We are a group of Pittsburghers who are interested in Spiritual things. ( who knows what all this will entail) We have a commitment to inclusivity. We are NOT a religious organization, but we will discuss (study) Spirituality of all sorts, and things like healing, natural health, aromatherapy, Feng Shui, Psychics, Angels, even furry angels and the afterlife amongst other things. 

Do you have something to share with us?

A group like this needs YOU to make it work ! Please let us know if you'd be interested in Speaking/teaching, helping clean up, in bringing coffee or cookies or having us display your artwork.... Every ounce of help will be appreciated. 

Support while on your journey

We are gathering practitioners who will offer services at our Carnegie home. Check back often for info on how to get a session or sign up for an event. 


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We are born of stardust into the STEEL town, Start exploring that path in the 412 now...

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